For the second year in a row Bethany placed third in class A state speech tournament on March 9 in Fishers. 75 teams competed in the state tournament--25 in class A. Alistair Tollar advanced to the semifinal round of impromptu speaking, placing him among the top twelve in the state. Advancing to the quarterfinal round (top 24) were Fiona Yeakey (informative and international extemporaneous speaking), Naomi Klassen (humorous interpretation), Christian Yoder (United States extemporaneous speaking), Rachel Leininger (United States extemporaneous speaking) and Alistair Tollar (United States extemporaneous speaking).

At the March 2 district, Alistair Tollar qualified for the national tournament in U.S. Extemporaneous Intrepretation. Named to the all-district team were seniors Fiona Yeakey, Philip Krabill, and Alistair Tollar.

The team also placed third in the February 23 section two speech sectional at Concord. Individuals who qualified for the March 9 state tournament:

  • Naomi Klassen (first in broadcasting and fifth in humorous interpretation),
  • Fiona Yeakey (third in international extemporaneous and third in informative),
  • Alistair Tollar (second in United States extemporaneous and fifth in impromptu),
  • Philip Krabill (fourth in impromptu and fifth in United States extemporaneous)
  • Christian Yoder (second in impromptu and fourth in United States extemporaneous),
  • Rachel Leininger (sixth in United States extemporaneous),
  • Alex Cartwright (fifth in international extemporaneous),
  • Carlos Orellana (first alternate in international extemporaneous),
  • and the team of Erika Lopez and Jack Hager (fifth in duo).

Peace Muhagachi made it to the semi-final round of prose, but did not advance to the finals.

Team members earning new National Forensic League degrees were Christian Yoder, Superior Distinction (more than 750 points) and freshman Jacob Leininger, Excellence (more than 150 points).