Ruthie Yoder (Staff 1987-2016) was honored at a retirement recognition for her 29 years of service to Bethany, primarily as a custodian but also as a cafeteria aide.

Ruthie rode into chapel on Monday on her Chariot riding vacuum to a standing ovation from the students.

She presented some interesting facts to students such as

  • she has cleaned up after 57 fish fries; students just help clean up for two
  • faculty-staff members Hank Willems, Calvin Swartzendruber, and Denise Risser were students when she began working, and later Amy Thut; new faculty Brody Thomas and Nina Fox weren't even born yet
  • she has given many Bethany students their first job, working on the summer work crew

On Monday after school, a reception was held in the library for the wider Bethany community to express their thanks to Ruthie for her years of service.