279 students; construction continues

With its first day of school now completed, the 2014-15 school year is off to a new and exciting start at Bethany Christian Schools with 279 students, which is three shy of last year’s first day count. While most are returning students, 63 are new to Bethany: 50 in the lower grades (4-8) and 13 in the high school. Students concluded their first day with an hour of get-acquainted activities. (See bottom of page)

Last year Bethany introduced a one-to-one computer program as an initial step in the Capital Campaign for Sustainability. All students receive either a MacBook Air (grades 6-12) or iPad (grades 4-5) which allows teachers to use educational approaches that provides more time for teacher-student interaction one-on-one or in groups.

The new aspect of the Capital Campaign for Sustainability is the visible construction that will be continuing through early November as Bethany installs a geo-thermal heating and cooling system that will provide 90% of energy for heating and cooling. During the summer the geothermal well field was drilled north of the school parking lot, the heating and air control unit was installed, and much of the roof that will encase this new system has been built. Construction will continue on the roof and in connecting the well field to the control unit.

When all is completed, Bethany anticipates benefits such as an enhanced classroom learning environment, lower costs due to improved energy conservation and efficiency, the opportunity to demonstrate faith-based earth care values, and the differentiation of Bethany as a leading-edge educational institution.

For more information and construction photos, see the Capital Campaign for Sustainability webpage.

First Day Social