How many students attend Bethany?

  • About 250 students from grades 4-12
  • About 10% of students come from countries around the world, including South Korea, Canada, Japan, China, Brazil, and Paraguay.

How do I apply to Bethany?

What is The Cambridge Institute for International Education?

  • The Cambridge Institute for International Education is a Boston-based educational consulting firm committed to increasing international participation in American education, broadening its diversity, and strengthening the ability of instituions to educate students of different backgrounds and foster meaningful cultural exchanges. Bethany has an exclusive relationship with The Cambridge Institute in China and a non-exclusive relationship in South Korea. All inquiries, while very welcome, should be directed to To learn more go to: The Cambridge Institute 

What is WAnet?

  • WAnet is an association of private American high schools, each with strong academic programs and high standards. WAnet schools share an admissions path and preparation program for international students who desire to study in the U.S. Currently more than 15 outstanding schools make up WAnet and offer 300-500 available spots for international students each year. Because WAnet schools are well known and respected by American universities, international students receive an advantage when applying and transitioning to American universities. Students placed at Bethany through WAnet will attend the WAnet Summer English Institute prior to attending Bethany. WAnet works with individual families and their representatives to ensure the best possible fit at Bethany. To learn more go to: WAnet

What do I need to know about studying at Bethany?

  • Bethany requires a SLEP score for admission
  • NWEA testing is administered after the student arrives on campus. This allows Bethany to assess where students are academically at the time of their arrival, and serves as a guide in helping to select the best course schedule for an individual student. NWEA testing is done in three areas; Math, English, Language Usage
  • The guidance counselor will assist students with course selection once they have arrived at Bethany. In many cases the NWEA tests that are administered after arrival help in placing students in the appropriate courses for their educational development. The guidance counselor, host family and mentor teacher will also assist students as needed in navigating the college application process.
  • Mentoring is provided for every Bethany student. Mentors are Bethany faculty members who spend 15 minutes every two weeks in one-on-one conversation with students to talk about academic and social issues.
  • International student coordinator provides ongoing support to students within the host family setting.
  • Bethany operates on a two semester school year. Students take up to 8 courses (including 1-2 study periods) from mid-August to mid December (Semester 1) and then they take up to 8 different courses from mid January to the end of May (Semester 2). Students in grades 6-11 also earn 1 credit during J-term (see next bullet item). In total students can earn up to 15 credits each year. For an Indiana Core 40 High School Diploma, 40 credits are required. For a Core 40 with Academic or Technical Honors diploma, 47 credits must be earned. 
  • J-Term: During the first two weeks of January, students in grades 9-11 take one course that meets all day and focuses on hands-on, experiential-learning (receive 1 credit). Middle school students take two courses with each meeting 1/2 day (receive .5 credit for each). All courses are on campus (possible short day trips) during the first week with high school courses having the option to travel during the second week (some courses may opt to run their second week in June instead of January). Seniors will participate one week each in job shadowing and a class trip.
  • Participation in extracurriculars is encouraged at Bethany. As a small school, students have full access to many opportunities. Most international students find enjoyment and challenge in the chance to participate in at least one of the following: sports, theater, music, speech and debate team, yearbook etc.