For an eLearning Day, teachers will post on Powerschool or directly email students learning activities and assignments for students that are expected for the day. See video below for instructions on how to access

Student Guidelines:
  1. Students will receive a call, text, and/or email through the parent alert system that states a eLearning day in effect. This will also be noted on television stations as possible.
  2. eLearning days will aim to be on a non-block schedule.  (see explanation below for exception)
  3. Assignments for single period classes will take approximately 30 minutes, not including time needed to interact with the teacher and/or peers.  (if block period; 45 minutes)
  4. Students are expected to complete the eLearning day work the same day it is assigned.  Because students may not have all resources needed, the final deadline for work submitted is 48 hours after assigned.
  5. Faculty are available online via email for questions from 9:00am - 3:30pm.   Part-time faculty are available from 9:00am - 12:00pm:
  6. Teachers may use work from eLearning day as assessment score.  
  7. Students who do not complete assigned work may forfeit the opportunity for retesting in that unit.
eLearning Days: Details for Schedule Implications
  • Overall desire is to have eLearning as Periods 1-9.  (this works well for M,T,F)
  • Altered schedules could include:
    1. Off Wednesday, have Periods 1-9 eLearning day, then
      • Thursday would run odd block schedule (Wed.)
      • Friday would run even block schedule (Thur)
    2. Off Thursday, have Periods 1-9 eLearning day
      • Friday is even block schedule (Thur.)
  • On occasion Bethany will choose to assign eLearning from block day schedules. This will be noted in the original communique to families when announcing the eLearning day.
Video of Instructions on Accessing eLearning Assignments in PowerSchool