Charity Grimes Bauman ('05)

“The way we choose to grow food impacts wildlife, water systems, climate change, and us very directly when we eat. It’s our responsibility to make sure all people have access to the food they need to survive, and food that is healthy for their bodies and the earth,” says Charity Grimes Bauman (’05), Community Outreach Coordinator of Homegrown, an edible garden program of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Her work includes helping provide families safe places and skills to grow food in underserved neighborhoods of Pittsburgh and addressing issues of food access and health. “We are part of the earth, not just living on it or using it. Practices that harm the earth, harm us,” she says.

Through installing raised-bed gardens and teaching organic practices, such as composting, Charity helps people in these urban communities grow a portion of their food in ways that restore the earth rather than deplete it—and causes them to think about the food they buy.

Fascinated by the natural world as long as she can remember, Charity recalls Bethany’s Environmental Science class as one of her favorites—and one that helped her realize a possible career.