Galen D. Miller ('70) received a Culture for Service award from Goshen College.

When food banks in Northern Indiana accepted 25 tons of chicken at the height of the economic crisis last winter, they may not have realized that this generosity was business as usual for Galen D. Miller, owner of Miller Poultry in North Orland, Ind. "He's a very generous person and he's an excellent business person," said Gordon Yoder, a lifetime friend of Miller's who nominated him for the Culture for Service Award.

Miller lives out "Culture for Service" in his compassionate treatment of others – from his employees right down to his baby chicks, which are raised in small flocks and healthy conditions primarily on Amish farms. "He applies his faith to running his business and integrates his values into his work," said Don Yost, another friend. Miller works with about 350 employees, who include many Hispanic immigrants. "He understands and adapts to both the Amish culture and Latino culture," said Yost. "His employees exhibit a loyalty and work satisfaction that is inspired by a leadership style based on Christian principals of humility, honesty, candor and compassion."

Miller's ethical business practices have led to a product that is widely popular throughout the Midwest. "We do an all-natural, all-vegetable fed, antibiotic free, hormone-free chicken program, and there's been a lot of interest in that kind of product," Miller told the Goshen News in a January 2009 article. Yoder explained that Miller seeks out the latest technology that "decreases environmental stress and increases safety over the industry standard."

Miller's faith also is reflected in his generosity and in service to the community. "His support of a wide variety of causes is low-key and responsive to need," said Yost. "He seeks to understand where help is needed and asks for no recognition. ... Galen not only promotes peace and justice through the causes that he supports, he also manages his business in ways that promote peace and justice.

Original article from Goshen College's website.