Tiffany (Slabaugh ’92) Swihart, Hydro, Okla., a happy stay-at-home mother with many “side” jobs—massage therapy, church choir director, and substitute teacher—didn’t plan to start a music ministry with her daughter Skyler, but the Spirit has led them in that direction.

Six years ago Tiffany and her husband Jason (’89)—pictured with their children Skyler and Stetson—developed a friendship with Larry Skrant, a former inmate and founder of Changed Lives Ministries in Strasburg, Ohio. Several years later, Skrant heard Tiffany and Skyler sing a duet in church and subsequently had a vision from the Lord that they should record. Tiffany says, “We were humbled by the thought, but willing.”

They formed 2Harts Surrendered, which is a play on their family name. Tiffany says, “Swi, pronounced zwei in German, means two and we both have surrendered our hearts (harts) to follow Christ.” Their first CD, Trusting You, is used by Skrant in his prison ministry. They also sing at benefits for the prison ministry, other fundraisers, and in churches. They hope to keep singing together and have just released a Christmas and praise CD.

Tiffany says that she developed her love for music at Bethany, specifically crediting then music teacher J.D. Smucker (F 1987-2010): She says, “Attending Bethany was an amazing experience that truly helped me grow as a young Christian and shape me into who I am today.”

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